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Fresh in...Horn tankards and Drinking horns - just like the Vikings used (maybe)

This is it...start of the summer holidays.  Weather in North Northumberland has been fairly good. Our beaches are busy and Holy Island is as popular as ever. The Castle is having a bit of repair work and looks 'different' with it's covering - well worth a look.

The archaeological dig turned up what is possibly St. Aidan's church on the Heugh. It will have to be covered over, but can be re-visited in later years. 

Shop news...

Celtic wraps are a good idea for a distinctive present this year.  We have more than I show on the web site, so please ask if you would like to see a few more designs. 

A small request, as our online shop is still evolving, could we ask for suggestions as to what we should include.  All the shop stock will be impossible, but we are open to to further ideas - except rings - they are difficult even when the 'finger is to hand' so guessing is pretty impossible and I do like to fit a ring properly. 

Charlotte in the Fudge Kitchen is making and selling loads of fudge still...  this year she is fund raising for the RNLI... they are very frequent visitors to the Island - due to the popularity of driving into the high tide by a few people...  


Andrew in Pilgrims Coffee House has also improved his offering:-  an alcohol  licence means liqueurs in coffee, and beer, wine and cider for the summer, Also, he has purchased a very large coffee roaster as the demand for his own coffee proved difficult to keep up with.  So now he can supply himself, many of the Island eateries, The Alnmouth Grocer and many other cafes in the area -with ease. His latest job was to fit out a new cafe in Newcastle 'Camber Coffee'.   

Pilgrims own brew is coming, Marcus in collaboration with Andrew is brewing beer at Pilgrims and is on sale - perfect with those lovely drinking horns!