Welcome to Celtic Crafts

Step into the enchanting world of Celtic Crafts, a family-owned treasure trove of jewellery and artisan creations, each piece a whisper of local heritage and the mystique of Celtic history. Immerse yourself in the symphony of nature's influence mingled with the rich tapestry of Northumbrian craftsmanship. Celtic Crafts is cradled within the ancient walls of a 400-year-old cottage—an architectural embrace from a time long past. Situated on the magical Holy Island, a place that breathes mystery and charm, this cherished sanctuary is momentarily severed from the mainland by the rhythmic dance of the tides, twice each day. Discover "A Hidden Gem" on an isle that has captured and held the hearts of millions, a truly magical escape where history, art, and the wonder of the natural world intertwine to create a uniquely enchanting experience.