Sally's Cottage - on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Whisk away to the enchanting retreat of Sally's Cottage, a serene holiday haven perched atop the whispers of history in one of Lindisfarne's most venerable dwellings, tracing back to the year 1600. Above the quaint and magical Celtic Crafts shop lies this spacious sanctuary where time-honored walls embrace modern comforts.

Picture yourself in the sumptuous embrace of two expansive bedrooms, each nestled on the first floor, offering a restful night's slumber for weary travelers. Ascend to the second floor, where the living room unfurls into a cozy sitting area, adorned with windows that frame breathtaking vistas—gaze out to the hallowed Lindisfarne Priory and the tranquil dance of the sea beyond.

Sally's Cottage is more than mere accommodation—it is a spacious expanse designed to comfortably welcome four souls, fully equipped for an idyllic holiday escape. Step outside to discover a vast private garden, a lush canvas of green, where solitude and peace are yours to savor.

And yet, this secluded sanctuary remains but a stone's throw from the charming village life, with its inviting local culture, and moments from the beckoning sands of the island's untouched beaches. Embark on a magical sojourn to Sally's Cottage, where elegance meets history, comfort embraces you, and the island's heart beats just within reach.